1. Kiln dried 5/4 hardwood frames prevent warping.

2. All frames are padded with high-resiliency foam giving added shape,durability, as well as comfort.

3. Furniture is slip covered and modular in construction, meaning each arm, back, and front rail are upholstered. Then the frame is bolted together. This gives superior strength while creating a handcrafted tailored product.

4. Back pillows are filled with 100% fiber in a triple channeled muslin bag for maximum comfort.

5. Standard seat cushion is constructed of fire retardant, environmentally safe polyurethane foam, with options soft to extra firm, creating superior comfort and support.

6. Dacron wrapping of high-resiliency cushion adds shape while keeping leather taut and in place.

7. Pirelli Latex webbing suspension performs with a high degree of excellence. The long-term durability of this webbing has been tested and found to be greater than spring assemblies with a lifetime of over 60 years. This webbing provides even-wear throughout the seat cushions. All legs are screwed-in, bolted, or built into the frame for added stability.

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