About Us


We have been in the leather furniture industry for over 30 years. The principle of Urban Leather is one of the original pioneers in the leather furniture industry. Our research found over 90% of the furniture delivered in America has been sitting in a plastic bag in a warehouse waiting to be sold. So, we don't sell you furniture that was ordered 6 months ago from outside of the country. We manufacture right here in the U.S. in as little as 4-6 weeks. 
Our craftsmen hand assemble each piece by hand, incorporating great skill and attention to detail to create your one of a kind furniture. At Urban Leather we use “just in time manufacturing". Which means your furniture is made quickly and has a high standard of quality.

Come to Urban Leather and express yourself.

We make it easy, and affordable.

Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary, lodge or retro, we have a style to fit your needs.

Our distinctive designs are tailored to fit your space, offering selections from over 400 top shelf leathers.

With options such as custom firmness, leg finish and stitch patterns, you can personalize your furniture to reflect your style.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to creating lasting relationships with all our clients by offering outstanding value in tastefully designed furniture that reflects today’s lifestyles.

Unfortunately, value is often confused with a low price. At Urban Leather, we don’t see the correlation.

At Urban Leather, we recognize that that our customers have needs for differing levels of service. When you walk into Urban Leather, we’re happy to let you browse at your leisure. However if you have specific questions, we’re there for you. Our team of talented designers have years of experience and professional design assistance is complimentary. We won’t follow you around the store and we won’t pressure you to buy today. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable, well taken care of and at home. We want to help you make your home a delightful place to come home to everyday.

Our Mission

Urban Leather is in the business of making people happy with outstanding leather furniture that makes a statement in any setting. Our high quality, hand crafted leather sofas, sectionals and chairs are made to order and delivered in just 3 to 4 weeks.

Urban Leather is a furniture retailer and manufacturing company. We create products that are outstanding in style, quality and service. We strive to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction through designs, functionality, materials and the added value that our products explicitly convey when becoming part of their home or office.

In our pursuit to maintain and further our reputation as a retail/manufacturer that is dedicated to recognize customer needs, we are committed to using superior materials, experienced craftsmanship, innovative designs and be obsessive about the high quality of our products and service. Our objective is to continue to be a leader in the Leather Furniture industry.

Our Vision

At Urban Leather, we work as a team with open and honest communication, equal and fair treatment in an atmosphere that encourages professionalism, creativity, ownership, participation and pride in our work. Our excellence comes from people, our most valuable asset. We foster ambition, honesty, growth and independent thought through a caring, honorable, ethical and straightforward leadership that rewards people's efforts with praise and promotion.

We are mindful of how our operations may have an impact on our community and environment. We make every effort to be good citizens by being sensitive to environmental needs, a respected employer in the community and giving back through programs involving charitable organizations or special events.

Our goal is to manufacture the best Leather Furniture for you, in a good, safe, caring and rewarding workplace.

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